About Innergineer

Innergineer makes a Stress-Free Life attainable for Everyone!

Innergineer provides unique, refreshing and inspiring online services that allow you to acquire knowledge and skills to learn to deal with all stress factors within everyday life. They have a holistic approach aiming at managing both your mental and physical health. Through experiential exercises you learn to tune yourself on what you want to achieve in life. Become your own coach; Innergineer! Because no one else but you knows what is good for you. It’s your life, your journey, your dream!

“You don’t have full control over your life,
but you do about how you handle it.”


Jeanette is the founder, trainer and coach of Innergineer. Jeanette has become an expert in the field of stress management. In 10 years time she ended up twice in a burn-out. Jeanette has personally lived through all physical and mental facets of stress. Her experiences inspired Jeanette to share her knowledge in this field with others. Jeanette is fully dedicated to empower people so that they can live an inspirational stress-free life and change the world for the better. Over the past 15 years, within a large number of management roles, she has successfully coached and trained hundreds of people.

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